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The recipient of the support from the RS Rural Development Program 2014-2020 Murray - Establishment of promotional sales cabinets (MARINE) with quality products of Škofja Loka as tourist souvenirs at touristic points of interest Partners in the project: Development Agency Sora doo, Rural Development Association, Kranj Agricultural and Forestry Institute, Gostišče pri Županu, Gostilna Pr Sedmic, Gostilna na Vidmu, Gostilna pri Boštjanu, Gostišče Tolc, Gostišče pri Zalogarju Total project value: EUR 71,035.40 Co-financing from CLLD: EUR 54,618.99 Project duration: 1 January 2018-30. April 2019


On the basis of local potentials, the project aims to develop new market interesting products, to connect them to a larger and more accessible offer and to strengthen their marketing within the tourist offer of the area through new market places.


For more than 15 years, Dedek Jaka and Babica Jerec have been working in the Škofja Loka region, through which 46 different providers market their high quality food products, herbal products and home and art products. Currently, the products are presented at the home of providers, at events such as the Market of agricultural products and products, the domestic corners of KGZ Škofja Loka and other specialized stores. There is an interest in the environment that typical products as a specialty of the Škofja Loka region are accessible to tourists. Catering providers have detected the demand for quality home-made products and want to offer them to their guests. The products of the brands Dedek Jaka and Babica Jerca reflect the local identity of the places and are thus suitable to constitute a tourist product (souvenirs) and are offered to tourists.

Through the project Establishing promotional sales cabinets (MARINE) with quality products of Škofja Loka as tourist souvenirs at touristic points, marem cabinets will be built at 7 different locations, which will enable tourists to access the Dedek Jaka and Babica Jerca brand products at the same time and enrich the offer of catering activities.


Phase 1 runs from 1 January 2018 to 12 October 2018: designing products for presentation in promotional and sales cabinets; establishing a system for the sustainable supply of turquoise points with new tourism products; setting up new sales outlets - Marein - how to present local products as tourist souvenirs; promotion.

Phase 2 runs from 1 July 2018 to 30 April 2019: promotion of new offers and new outlets via; promotion of the project.


The brand names Dedek Jaka and Grandma Jerca will be upgraded in the direction of a new local tourist product, which represents the enrichment of brands with the offer of tourist souvenirs more accessible to tourists.

Enriched offer of local tourist spots with the establishment of Marein as a way of presenting the local offer of touristic products.

Cooperation has been established between local stakeholders and suppliers of products.


The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural

Development and the Republic of Slovenia under the Rural Development Program 2014-2020. Contacts: Development agency Sora doo, T: 04 50 60 220; e-mail:

Association for Rural Development Resje, T: 031 769 782; e-mail:

Agricultural and Forestry Institute Kranj, T: 04 280 46 16; e-mail:

Rupert Libuška sp, Gostišče pri Županu, T: 04 505 00 00; e-mail:

Restaurant Pr 'Sedmic, Alojz Kovic sp, T: 04 510 74 10; E-mail:

Gostilna na Vidmu doo; T: 04 510 96 10; e-mail:

Inn at Boštjan, Boštjan Bernik sp, T: 04 510 33 20; e-mail:

Gostilna Mcesen Primož Pintar sp, T: 04 519 70 60; e-mail:

Kosmelj Janez sp, Gostišče pri Zalogarju, T: 04 500 50 00; e-mail: